Z4 Interior

This are the interior of the Z4. Clearly every aspects are very fine and sleek in design. Promising the satisfaction that a driver will obtain from this master piece. the aspect of comfortable is also taken very seriously as the seats are built for a stressless long distance driving. Also the control panel, almost every aspects of the car in controllable through the steering it self. Where else the dashboard is very driver oriented. The idea behind it is to connect the driver immediately with the car and create those “emotions”. Also, behind each seat, there is a small cargo space that can hold purses or laptop bags.
The new Z4 is all about the driver and the pleasure to drive, with a sophisticated interior design and usability being the prime factor. I certainly think this would be the ultimate dream car for every car enthusiasts!


  1. hi, the car is really attract people to drive oh. Wah if I got chance to drive.....really.............blithe eh....i want ...dis car...tht u upload on ur blog title charm.....ha wat is that car model leh...I not really know about car models deh...

  2. wei seng: yep it is d high class among its league.

    sally: it bmw Z4 roadster.