z4 Market

Hey everyone! Below is the official website for BMW Malaysia

But sadly, they don’t have any info or insight about Z4. No wonder there’s only a few Z4's around Malaysia, mostly owned by the "Datuk's" or the multi-millionaire as the current price for Z4 roadster in Malaysia reaches almost to RM 500, 000 (Of course without the insurance).

Most of the Asian websites doesn’t include Z4 except Japan.
Below is the official BMW global website which covers the all z4 series models.

Where else the South Africa website is a really nice and up to the standard as I will put it. They even have paint finishes and wheels where it allows u to change the colors of the car and the wheels as well.

I personally believe that the way pushing the car in to the certain market it really counts on the marketing effort. As for the other Asian web pages, they really should put up the Z4 series along with the others. As for Malaysia I would really hope that the government would open the automobile market as in real by seriously eliminating the taxes and duties. Instead of just going with the hype of it when all they trying to do is push the proton cars to the market.


  1. Thanks for your information. By the way, my dream car is also BMW Z4.You had explain more and let me more know about BMW Z4. Thanks ^^

  2. wow ~ really a useful information i can read from your blog !! nice !