Bmw 7-SerieS

In respect to Bmw 7 series for being nominated for world’s best car and also for being the 2nd runner up car, I will like to write about 7-series instead of Z4 this time around.

The BMW 7-Series has always been a very important car to look at for those who loves’ BMWs.
If you look back in the history of BMW designs at the 5-Series, the E34 was a revolutionary design language while the E39 was an evolution of the E34.

When the E60 made its debut, it was an evolution again. For the 7-Series, the previous E65 / E66 model marked a revolution in the 7-Series design, so this new F01 model must naturally be an evolution. And it is somewhat, actually looking more like an evolution of the E60 rather than the E65.

Below are models of E34, E36, E39 and E60.





In the 7-Series it produces 407hp between 5,500 to 6,400rpm and takes the car from 0 to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds (almost twice faster than Z4).

the sketch of 7 series (Fo1 dimension)

this are some of the pictures of 7 series, interior, exterior also the engine.

Cars are rated based on 5 key area details: styling, safety, quality, features and performance.

this link shows how a car is rated.

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  1. Wah, now i know how to rate the car..haha...

  2. wow.they have a very nice gear shift

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    Your blog is quite informative and easy to read but may i suggest you also write some of the famous car under BMW like the M5 or M3 maybe racing cars. it add variety to your blog but overall is nice.