Z4 Designer

Last Sunday on 12th April, in New Sunday Times newspaper under motoring section, review of Z4 was publish.

the review said about the designer of the car for its interior as well as exterior was design by a lady! below is the lady incharge picture:

where as the specification i have mention it before in my older posts:

the team that was responsible for material design and colour scheme is shown in picture below:

but than, after all the review the news paper provided i guess they left out the new head of BMW interior design which commerce from April 1st.

Marc Girard is his name. he's 38 years old and originated from france. Marc has been working as designer for BMW Group for 15 years now. From 2004-2006 he was head of interior desgn for the Mini Clubman.

source from Bmw AG stated in a recent interview, Marc said:

“I am grateful for the trust that has been placed in me and for the great chance,” my passion for the automobile and my many years of experience provide me with confidence for the forthcoming challenges.”

well, i must say a guy who is a designer for Bmw who looks perfectly crafted from his looks and being a down-to-earth, we the BMW enthusiast can definitely expect for the new Z4 to be release in 2010, the design is going to be something to die for!


  1. I think i've seen it b4. It was last week. I saw it twice. The first one was in white, the other was in dark blue i think. I think they import it earlier. I was drooling when I saw it. Hahaha

  2. lucky you! to be able to see the car
    wish i had the chance..haha
    the Z4 is already in the market for quite sometime..

  3. haaa..this is one of my favourite car..might be in 1 day,i will have it..but just in my dream..hahaha..nway, just to give some oppinion, that maybe you can put more info about the BMW car for example the model and the price and what is the advantage of it..heeeee..:)..kindly do comment on my blog yae...