Bmw Factory - Where It All Begins

As a company, BMW does not just stand by its history, but deliberately preserves it as a vital element of its identity. Just as how the products made by the company are sleek so is the layout of the company.
Bmw has 6 manufacturing companies outside of Germany in 6 different countries. The countries are ;

South Africa
United States

South African-built BMW’s are exported to right hand drive markets including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Bmw Company is known as environmental friendly as the company had taken measures to reduce the impact the company has on the environment. It is trying to design less-polluting cars by making existing models more efficient.

You guys also can view virtual plant tour of the factory at the following websites;

Below are pictures of the factory and video.

Video Of Bmw Plant & Factory


Bmw Timepiece

Car watches often compliments car collections. Car watches is a must have for each and every high end car driver. It gives a sense of style and shoot up a person’s charisma. Most times a car enthusiast tend to be a watch enthusiast as well. The crossing over of the two is the result of passion for precision engineering, artful design and exclusive prestige.

Silver Face BMW

this is very rare and hard to find watch in the market. the diameter is about 35mm, 7mm thickness.
Japan quartz movement
$ 36.00


steel case, highlights odd numbers and features M logo at 12, Water-resistant to 330 feet.


BMW M Power Chronograph

Stainless steel case with fixed aluminum tachymeter bezel surrounds a black dial
lifetime battery replacement

BMW Driver's Watch

Swiss quartz movement
Sporty black nylon/leather strap and stainless steel case.

Ladies Chronograph Watch

Stainless steel case, leather strap.Water resistant to 100 feet.
Price: $215.00

Pink Ribbon Watch

BMW donates 80 percent of the gross profits
lather strap, swiss movement, stainless steel


BMW NEW Classic Watch

Features open 3-date display window with arrow marker. Leather strap, Swiss quartz movement. Water resistant to 100 feet.
Available in both Men's and Women's styles.

Croc-inspired leather band

Features Swiss-quartz movement, stainless steel case,
BMW detail on face. Water-resistant to 100 feet.

for those who wish to have more information on the product, model and price, you guys can go and check this webpage:

Bmw LifeStyle

hey there all! Thinking what should you wear when driving one of the Bmw's? Well here's some of the apparel that bmw has.


this Bmw ladies Polo shirt cost $45.60 and comes in range of colours.

this ladies jersey cost about $ 169.

BMW adidas Ladies ClimaCool Textured Mesh Polo cost $ 54.95


BMW F1 Crew Shirt cost $ 67.95

BMW Cargo Jacket cost $149.95

BMW Striped Polo cost $ 49.95

BMW Mesh Insert Cap cost $14.95

All the price stated above is in US Dollar. and the items are just some of the sample, there's alot more designs and diffrent companies that are producing items for Bmw. Certainly any items that carries the tag or logo of bmw it doesnt come cheap, the brand carries a marked price along side with the premiun quality. For example like the bmw ladies polo shirt (picture = scroll up), when the shirt had bmw logo on it the quality is not juz the normal polo quality but it is been carry forward to mesh with the bmw quality.

For other cool design and latest trends fashion clothing from Bmw company you guys can check this webpage out;

ladies clothing;

men's clothing;


Bmw & so Much more...

Ever wonder does BMW produces anything else than cars???

Well guess what? They actually do! Bmw manufactures a lot of items like motorcycles, aircraft's engines, apparels, gift items, floor mats, books, and lots of other items.

Below are some of the pictures of motorcycle that BMW has.

And this is the Boieng 717-200 jetliners. the engine is made by Bmw company.

next time around when you're traveling by plane make sure to take a look at the engine. Ahaks!

On my up coming post, ill be toking about Bmw's apparel come back soon!

C yaz!


bmw - 007 james bond

Fast cars and improbable chases have been key ingredients in the James Bond films since the series began in 1962.
With each new model, James Bond has been able to impress us with his impeccable driving and more importantly, to transport us to a place where our fantasies and envy collide like so many henchmen in a car chase.
Bmw cars was featured in 4 James Bond movies as listed below.

Film .................................................. Vehicle
Octopussy ........................................ BMW 518i
Golden Eye ...................................... BMW Z3
Tomorrow Never ............................ Dies BMW 750i
The World Is Not Enough .............. BMW Z8

As we all know, in 007 movies cars doesn’t just come as a car, but with a whole set of awesome gadgets.

As for Z3 car, the gadget that was enhanced were, self-destruct system and stinger missiles located behind the headlights.

Bmw 750i was introduced as the bulletproof car equipped with a security system that would deliver electrical shocks to intruders unless disarmed by Bond's mobile phone. The 750i could be controlled remotely via Bond's cell phone, this car was rated as no 7 of top 10 Bond cars.

Bmw Z8 includes ground to air missiles and a key chain that can control the car remotely. This car was rated as top 3 or Bond cars.

Not all of Bond's gadgets are small enough to hide in a pack of cigarettes. Wherever Bond goes, he goes in style, usually in a flashy high-performance car loaded with options generally not offered at your local luxury car dealer, sad but true.

Lets just keep hoping that one day we can become Bond and experience driving one of those crazily awesome cars...haha



Z4 Designer

Last Sunday on 12th April, in New Sunday Times newspaper under motoring section, review of Z4 was publish.

the review said about the designer of the car for its interior as well as exterior was design by a lady! below is the lady incharge picture:

where as the specification i have mention it before in my older posts:

the team that was responsible for material design and colour scheme is shown in picture below:

but than, after all the review the news paper provided i guess they left out the new head of BMW interior design which commerce from April 1st.

Marc Girard is his name. he's 38 years old and originated from france. Marc has been working as designer for BMW Group for 15 years now. From 2004-2006 he was head of interior desgn for the Mini Clubman.

source from Bmw AG stated in a recent interview, Marc said:

“I am grateful for the trust that has been placed in me and for the great chance,” my passion for the automobile and my many years of experience provide me with confidence for the forthcoming challenges.”

well, i must say a guy who is a designer for Bmw who looks perfectly crafted from his looks and being a down-to-earth, we the BMW enthusiast can definitely expect for the new Z4 to be release in 2010, the design is going to be something to die for!


Bmw 7-SerieS

In respect to Bmw 7 series for being nominated for world’s best car and also for being the 2nd runner up car, I will like to write about 7-series instead of Z4 this time around.

The BMW 7-Series has always been a very important car to look at for those who loves’ BMWs.
If you look back in the history of BMW designs at the 5-Series, the E34 was a revolutionary design language while the E39 was an evolution of the E34.

When the E60 made its debut, it was an evolution again. For the 7-Series, the previous E65 / E66 model marked a revolution in the 7-Series design, so this new F01 model must naturally be an evolution. And it is somewhat, actually looking more like an evolution of the E60 rather than the E65.

Below are models of E34, E36, E39 and E60.





In the 7-Series it produces 407hp between 5,500 to 6,400rpm and takes the car from 0 to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds (almost twice faster than Z4).

the sketch of 7 series (Fo1 dimension)

this are some of the pictures of 7 series, interior, exterior also the engine.

Cars are rated based on 5 key area details: styling, safety, quality, features and performance.

this link shows how a car is rated.

Till this so far, signing out, cheers.


z4 Market

Hey everyone! Below is the official website for BMW Malaysia

But sadly, they don’t have any info or insight about Z4. No wonder there’s only a few Z4's around Malaysia, mostly owned by the "Datuk's" or the multi-millionaire as the current price for Z4 roadster in Malaysia reaches almost to RM 500, 000 (Of course without the insurance).

Most of the Asian websites doesn’t include Z4 except Japan.
Below is the official BMW global website which covers the all z4 series models.

Where else the South Africa website is a really nice and up to the standard as I will put it. They even have paint finishes and wheels where it allows u to change the colors of the car and the wheels as well.

I personally believe that the way pushing the car in to the certain market it really counts on the marketing effort. As for the other Asian web pages, they really should put up the Z4 series along with the others. As for Malaysia I would really hope that the government would open the automobile market as in real by seriously eliminating the taxes and duties. Instead of just going with the hype of it when all they trying to do is push the proton cars to the market.


Z4 Interior

This are the interior of the Z4. Clearly every aspects are very fine and sleek in design. Promising the satisfaction that a driver will obtain from this master piece. the aspect of comfortable is also taken very seriously as the seats are built for a stressless long distance driving. Also the control panel, almost every aspects of the car in controllable through the steering it self. Where else the dashboard is very driver oriented. The idea behind it is to connect the driver immediately with the car and create those “emotions”. Also, behind each seat, there is a small cargo space that can hold purses or laptop bags.
The new Z4 is all about the driver and the pleasure to drive, with a sophisticated interior design and usability being the prime factor. I certainly think this would be the ultimate dream car for every car enthusiasts!